Analysis of mine shovel and dump-truck market in the Russian Federation and other CIS countries

K.Yu. Anistratov

Based on the long-year monitoring of the world and Russian markets of surface mine machinery the NTTs Gornoe Delo OOO in cooperation with engineers of Korobkov IZ KARTEX has made a comprehensive analysis of mine shovel and dump-truck market, where the consumers are Russian mining companies. The collected data served a basis for the forecast of the scope of solid mineral deposit development up to 2030, which was made with the use of specially designed methods and procedures and in its turn was helpful for the formation of the structure of mine shovel and dumptruck fleets and for the modeling of its development trends in the period up to 2030. The main results of the market research can be found in the World Mining Industry collected articles, issue No 2 prepared for the publication in May 2012. The article acquaints the readership with the fundamental points of the performed research

№2 (102) 2012

Mining Industry Journal №2 2012, p.16