Prospect of the development of coal resources in the Republic of Tyva

M.V. Pisarenko

The article contains the estimates of probable coal output and discusses the problems of the development of the Ulug-Khem coal basin, which reserves account for 1,061.6 million tonnes of the total prognostic reserves of the Republic amounting to 12,597 million tones. Major reserves of the basin can be mined by underground method. A part of the Kaa-Khem coalfield and the Chadan coal deposit are readily available for surface mining. Seven mining leases are put up for tender or auction, and two more mine takes are ready and planned to be put up for auction. The probable coking coal output at licensed sites is estimated at over 40 million tonnes. The author also presents a forecast of coking coal exports to South-East Asia and APR countries.

№2 (102) 2012

Mining Industry Journal №2 2012, p.32