Strategic assessment of the natural and technogenic mineral resources of the Moscow Brown Coal Basin

V.A. Potapenko, Yu.N. Kuznetsov, S.S. Gavrishin

The article contains the estimates of natural and technogenic resources of the Moscow Brown Coal Basin, and reviews the results of studies performed at different stages of its development and aimed at the evaluation of the concentration of valuable elements contained in the local coal, discusses the data on the composition of waste-rock dumps and ash-and-slag heaps located in the territory of the basin, fly ash of the local coal-fired GRES (State District Power Plant) and slurries of coal preparation plants. Besides, the estimates are given of prognostic reserves of associated components contained in commercial coal reserves and ash-and-slag heaps, and opportunities are discussed of the associated mineral components recovery and their industrial application. The authors’ conclusions prove high resource potential of the Moscow Brown Coal Basin, show the prospects of the commercial development of the available technogenic deposits for the production of valuable raw materials for a broad range of industries and for significant improvement of the environmental profile of the region due to the utilization of a great number of waste-rock dumps, ash-and-slag heaps and slurry storage ponds.

№4 (104) 2012

Mining Industry Journal №2 2012, p.104