Commissioning of the Wirtgen 2500 SM Surface Miner at the open pit of Chernogorskoe deposit developed by GUP Chechentsement

M. Pikhler, S."A.A. Gabaev, Yu.B. Pankevich, M.Yu. Pankevich

Methods, procedures, technology and results are discussed of Chernogorskoe cement limestone deposit development by the surface miner. The description is also given of geological and physical characteristics of limestones, main parameters of the technology in use, detailed timing data and calculation results for Wirtgen 2500 SM mining technology.

№1 (107) 2013

Key words: GUP Chechentsement, surface miner, Chernogorskoe carbonate deposit, slicing technology, Wirtgen operation parameters and performance

Mining Industry Journal №1 2013, p.60