Practical effect of the application of P.G. Korobkov IZ' KARTEX OOO excavators of a new product family by Russian mines

A.R. Ganin, T.V. Donchenko, D.A. Shibanov

The article discusses the results of commercial-scale operation of the first models of excavators of a new IZ-KARTEX product family with 12, 18 and 32 m3 buckets at ore and coal surface mines in Russia. The authors present the analysis of the efficiency of the machinery operation in terms of in-use performance and availability ratio. The analysis is also provided of design shortcomings discovered in the course of pilot operation and remedied in the manufacture of the machines that followed. The article also describes new types of electric drives, and their advantages providing for the essential cutting of energy consumption.

№2 (108) 2013

Key words: IZ-KARTEX, mine shovels and excavators, mine shovel electric drive, power shovels with 12–32 m3 buckets, availability ratio, power shovel capacity

Mining Industry Journal №2 2013, p.6