Commissioning of Wirtgen 2200 SM at Kirovskoe Karieroupravleniye OAO

M. Pikhler, A.A. Filippov, Yu.B. Pankevich, M.Yu. Pankevich

The article describes geological conditions, the state-of-the art of mining operations, and the results of pilot operation of Wirtgen 2200 SM surface miners, as well as the tasks of identification of the optimal parameters of the surface-miner-based technology for the development of MelikhovskoeFedotovskoe limestone deposit, which were successfully implemented there. The authors describe the conditions of the surface miner operation, design and actual performance parameters of its operation in 2012. The estimates are provided of the economics of hourly and shift operation of the surface mines. The article also contains the results of size grading of limestone samples produced by the surface miner, and outputs of the comprehensive research into reasonable parameters of the surface miner operation to provide the desired grain-size composition of the limestone output, and the optimal choice of cutting tools.

№2 (108) 2013

Key words: Wirtgen surface miners, surface mining operations, deposit development by surface miners, limestone mining, blast@free mining of mineral deposits

Mining Industry Journal №2 2013, p.110