Nitronit® emulsion explosives

F.L. Nosyko, A.G. Belyaev, V.G. Dodukh

Based on findings and developments of the Institut Vzryva ZAO the Azot-Vzryv Group of Companies has optimized the conditions of the fabrication of Nitronit bulk emulsion explosives (EE). As the EE application areas are ever expanding and smaller diameter blastholes are increasingly frequently used for blasting of granite, dolomite and gold ores, and for blasting in flow-type holes the Institut Vzryva ZAO has developed a number of compositions of high-efficiency cartridged emulsion explosives.

№5 (111) 2013

Key words: Azot Vzryv Group of Companies, emulsion explosives, blasting processes

Mining Industry Journal №5 2013, p.24