Identifying the optimal parameters of drilling and blasting processes for roadheading in mines by design and experimental methods

B.V. Yusimov

In 2012, in the process of underground roadheading with the use of Igdanite as the main explosive at one of the mines under the control of Zolotye Proyekty UK OOO a significant growth of unit consumption of explosives was found. To identify the possible causes of the excessive consumption of explosives the analysis was performed of drilling and blasting process patterns, which are followed during roadheading. The article presents the results of studies performed at the mine with the author’s conclusions.

№5 (111) 2013

Key words: explosives, estimating the excessive consumption of explosives, analysis of drilling and blasting patterns, main drilling and blasting parameters, design, blastholes, engineering approaches

Mining Industry Journal №5 2013, p.28