The state of the art and prospects of coal mining for the period up to 2030 in the main basins and coalfields of Western Siberia

L.S. Plakitkina

The article presents the analysis of coal mining progress for the period up to 2030 in the Kemerovo Oblast, Altai Krai and Novosibirsk Oblast. The charts show the variation of coking and steam coal output in these regions. In the Kemerovo Oblast, with the favourable world and national market situation for energy resources in the period up to 2030, nearly 1.2-fold growth of the coal output is expected as compared with 2012.

№6 (111) 2013

Key words: coking and steam coal, coal output, underground mines, opencast mines, analysis, prospects, growth, market price situation

Mining Industry Journal №6 2013, p.6