Analysis of the modern open pit mining loading tools delivery to the world market (power shovels and draglines)

Р.Ю. Подэрни

According to the State Program of the Coal Industry Development for the Period up to 2030 the coal sector of the Russian Federation is expected to increase the total annual coal output to 430 million ton, including coal output increase to 268.2 million ton at 82 openpit mines in 2030 versus 255.1 million ton at 137 openpit mines in 2012. The reduction of the number of openpit mines from 137 to 82 will be inevitably accompanied by the increase of their average annual production capacity from 1.93 to 3.27 million ton (1.7-fold) that cannot be implemented without radical renovation of the available fleet of mining machinery and equipment, first of all due to the application of higher capacity home-made and imported excavation and transport machinery, drilling and auxiliary equipment. The objective of this article is the analysis of the state-of-the art of the international and national markets of power shovels, track-type and walking draglines which are in the greatest demand at surface mining operations, and identification of some trends of its development. This machinery and its analogs will inevitably come to the Russian opencast and open pit mines.

№6 (111) 2013

Key words: surface mining equipment power shovels; rack and pinion, rope and HydraCrowd crowd and retract systems for dipper handle; tracktype and walking draglines; dragline gearless AC direct drive on hoist and drag drums; excavator control systems

Mining Industry Journal №6 2013, p.14