ASVPJLV.1M automatic methane and dust explosion control and isolation system

Yu. V. Gorlov

The article presents the parameters and operation philosophy of the ASVPLV. 1M automatic system as an innovative solution for explosion safety of coal mines. The author describes the comparative characteristics of the ASVP-LV.1M system and passive water barriers. The procedure is also discussed of the application of innovative solutions for safety-in-mining in Russia and China. Case studies are also presented of the ASVP-LV.1M automatic system application for methane and dust explosion isolation at coal mines.

№6 (111) 2013

Key words: methane and coal dust explosion, ASVP-LV.1M automatic system, passive stone-dust and water barriers, flame front (FF), blast wave (BW)

Mining Industry Journal №6 2013, p.41