Methodological approaches to the categorization of the working environment by workplace microclimate parameter at mines

R. F. Afanasieva, A. G. Chebotarev, E. I. Konstantinov

The article presents characteristics of workplace microclimate at underground and opencast mines, with the differentiation of main and auxiliary jobs. The admissible combinations of temperature, humidity and air velocity at workplaces are shown. The article is supplemented with tables containing data characterizing health hazard categories of working environments, and working conditions by environment heat load index (EHLindex). The authors propose formulas for the calculation of heat content, heat accumulation in a human body, etc. They also present the estimates of worker overheating and overcooling risks and health problems resulting from chronic exposure to cold. An integrated index of human body exposure to cold (IIEC) is proposed.

Key words: workplace microclimate, health hazard category, working condition categories, EHL-index, heat content, overheating risk, IIEC

Mining Industry Journal №6 2013, p.72