Prospects of coal deposit development in Tersinsky geological economic region

M. V. Pisarenko

Tersinsky geological economic region is one the largest coal areas by territory with insufficiently developed coal industry. The total coal resources of the region are estimated at 51 billion tonnes, with balance (economically mineable) reserves of 2.1 billion tonnes and mine-take reserves of operating underground mines of nearly 0.3 billion tonnes. Prevailing coals ranks of Tersinky region are low-metamorphosed non-caking gas coals – GzhO (up to 73%). The share of strongly caking gas-fat coals account for 20%, while that of Zh rank (fat) coals – for 7% of the total proven reserves. Presently, 2 coal mines are in operation in the region, their annual production capacity is nearly 2.3 million t. The expansion of gas-fat coal reserves in Tersinsky region can be provided mainly in Uvalnye and Tersinskie districts, located far from industrial centers of the region. Uvalnaya underground mine construction is planned for the former with an annual production capacity of 2 million tonnes. However, a significant portion of gas-fat coal and nearly total fat coal reserves are contained in thin, low-capacity seams, which occur in unfavourable geological and mining conditions.

Key words: coal resources and reserves, geological conditions, gas coals, gas-fat coals

Mining Industry Journal №1 2014, p.48