Over recent years the intensity of innovation and technology development processes implemented in the world’s economy has grown.

Yu. A. Plakitkin

The paradigm of innovation-driven development has actually dominated in all its branches including fuel sectors of the mining industry. These sectors belonging to the “lower layers” of the world product process stage “have to be” in compliance with the above mentioned processes providing the stability of the economic development “substructure”. Within this framework the authors present the results of the so-called fractal forecast of future technologies, which are expected to be implemented before 2050s. Some difficulties of the efficient forecasting in conditions of more rapidly going cyclicity of scientific and technological development have predetermined the formation of the system of studies performed by the author with the application of the so-called “technology time” factor in the forecast calculations. In point of fact the author is an adherer of Academician V. I. Vernadsky’s theory of time plurality. Taking into account the cyclicity of technological development via fractals of the “technology time” has helped generate the results presented in the article on the long-term forecast of the product output of fuel and energy sectors of the world and Russia.

№2 (114) 2014

Key words: global economy, world mining industry, scientific and technological development, forecasting, energy sector, development trends, global energy

Mining Industry Journal №4 (116) 2014, p.12