Prospects of the development of Barzass geological. economic district in the Kuznetsk coal basin

Yu. V. Patrakov, S.V. Shaklein, M.V. Pisarenko

Generalized data is provided on the occurrence, quality and resources of the Devonian coal, oil shale and some other minerals of Barzass geological and economic district in the Kuznetsk coal basin. It is stated that the location of license areas for mining of basalt and limestone in the district in close proximity to the Dmitrievskoye deposit provide opportunities for the operation of oil shale mining and processing facilities there based on the application of previously unsalable raw materials that will be favorable for the mineral resource base and spur the development of a system of high-tech export-oriented technologies.

№5 (117) 2014

Key words: Kuznetsk coal basin, oil shale, Barzass open pit, Devonian coal, Dmitrievskoye deposit, Pereboiskoye deposit, basalt mining

Mining Industry Journal №5 (117) 2014, p.24