Operational effectivity of mine shovels with electrically and hydraulically driven main units used on mining enterprises

P. Buhles

The foreign and local operation experience is provided with aim to determinate the operational effectivity of hydraulic shovels compared to traditional rope shovels. The provided estimate operational costs figures of new EKG-18P and EKG-32P shovels proved to be much higher. Thus, the unit costs for new generation shovels in coal mine appeared to be twice as much and are 6.77 RUB/m3 instead of assumed 2.87–3.5 RUB/m3. The operational costs of electrically driven hydraulic shovels during the first 20 years of operation showed to be lower compared to rope shovels. The competitiveness of hydraulic shovels and their stable operation in modes prescribed in the operation manuals for original spare parts were established.

№5 (117) 2014

Key words: hydraulic shovels, traditional rope shovels, operation experience, main figures, operational costs

Mining Industry Journal №6 (118) 2014, p.36