Engineering and geological support of ground control in territories prone to landslides

V.V. Cheskidov

The article deals with engineering and geological support in construction and operation of engineering structures in the areas of Northern Caucasus which are greatly prone to landslides. The author presents a detailed description of the work scope of the research into ground condition and characteristics in the construction area of the combined rail and motor road from Adler to mountain resort Alpika-Service. Based on the data generated in the process of research the author substantiates hydrogeological criteria of slope stability which were used for the design of the territory integrated monitoring system. In conclusion, opportunities are discussed of the described strain monitoring method application at mines.

№1 (119) 2015

Key words: stability of slope structures, ground control, engineering and geological studies, slope processes, monitoring, margin stability factor, sampling density design

Mining Industry Journal №1 (119) 2015, p.84