World and Russia's coal supply and demand

M. V. Pissarenko, S. V. Shaklein

The article is an overview of world and Russia's coal supply and demand. Over 13 recent years the world coal demand has increased by 76%, and its share in the total primary energy sources now accounts for 30%. An accelerated growth of coal supply and demand is observed in developing economies, with China being the leader in this list. It is expected that that world coal demand growth rates will slow down as follows: in the period up to 2020 – by 2.2% per year, and in 2020–2030 – to 0.4–0.3% annually. This can be explained by the expected decline of coal demand in China, which is the world's largest coal consumer. Russia with its vast coal resources intends to expand its coal exports mainly to the East. The establishment of new coal-producing centers in poorly developed regions of Eastern Siberia and the Far East will shorten coal transportation distances in 2030 by 24%, however, it will require huge capital investments, including funds from the government.

№2 (120) 2015

Key words: coal demand, coal reserves and production, coal import and export, pattern of fuel supply and demand, electricity generation

Mining Industry Journal №2 (120) 2015, p.24