Small coal openAcast mines in Yakutia: prospects of the Kangalas coal deposit efficient development

Yu. G. Danilov, V. P. Grigoryev, D. V. Khosoev

In Sakha (Yakutia) Republic, the coal sector is one of its primary industries. Moreover, the Republic is among top coking coal producers and exporter. At the same time, small coal deposit development problems acquire greater importance to meet coal demand of local municipalities isolated from centralized fuel and energy sources. The authors discuss some aspects of coal mining technologies for Kangalas coal opencast mine, and opportunities of an industrial park establishment in the settlement of Kangalassy.

№2 (120) 2015

Key words: coal production, shearer, coal deposit, open-cast mine, region, technology, industrial park, fuel, coal, economy

Mining Industry Journal №2 (120) 2015, p.28