Analysis of WIRTGEN 2200SM Surface Miner operation at the Cheremkhovskoe opencast mine in dirty coal seams

V. P. Smagin, P. V. Fedorko, N. P. Fedorko

The article contains general characteristics of coal deposits with a complex structure and the description of traditional mining technologies. Mining conditions of the Cheremkhovskoe hard coal deposit, development technology and quality characteristics of saleable products are discussed. The authors substantiate the ways of saleable coal quality improvement due to the selective mining technology application. The results are also presented of the technology commercial-scale application with Wirtgen Surface Miner. Quality characteristics of coal produced with the Surface Miner and analysis of its operation are included.

№2 (120) 2015

Key words: coal seam, Wirtgen 2200SM Surface Miner, selective mining technology, quality, Surface Miner operation analysis, coal characteristics

Mining Industry Journal №2 (120) 2015, p.74