Zhezkazgan deposit getting a second wind

M. V. Rylnikova, A. B. Yun, I. V. Terentieva

The authors discuss an opportunity of implementing a full cycle of Zhezkazgan deposit comprehensive development with a reasonable choice of application areas for mined materials from natural and manmade mineral deposit with specific geological and mining conditions. Innovative approaches used in modernization projects for operating ore mine are described. Economic, environmental and social efficiency of the proposed technical and technological solutions, as well their strategic importance in the situation of essential depletion of balance (economically mineable) mineral reserves in the region of intensive mineral mining are proved.

№3 (121) 2015

Key words: mineral reserves and resources, balance reserves, cut-off grade ore, mining and processing complexes, production waste, man-made mineral formations, physical and physical#chemical geotechnologies, waste utilization, backfilling of mined-out areas.

Mining Industry Journal №3 (121) 2015, p.32