Problems of the promotion of healthy working environment, prevention of occupational diseases of the personnel of a mining and smelting complex

I. V. Bukhtiyarov, A. G. Chebotarev, V. A. Prokhorov

The article contains the analysis of the results of the long-term health exposure studies performed at some mines, iron and steel works and aluminum smelters and aimed at the assessment of the working environment and work process factors. Data is presented on noise, vibration, and dust content exposure of work places in underground mines, open pits, mills and smelters. The article also provides the results of work place assessment and occupational disease statistics of these enterprises. The authors predict further deterioration of job characteristics, harder labor, higher intensity and severity of workplace factors provided some urgent and advance preventive measures are not taken

№6 (124) 2015

Key words: occupational safety, occupational diseases, work place assessment, labor hardness and intensity, health hazard category of working conditions

Mining Industry Journal №6 (124) 2015, p.14