Validation of open pit envelope design

N. N. Belyakov

The author presents an algorithm for the validation of methods of open pit envelope limit design based on the stepwise rationale of the target function structure. For different stages of an open pit life cycle it is proposed to use Present discounted value (PDV) and Present average discounted inverse investment Efficiency value (PADIIEV). These structures can be used for the evaluation of other absolute and relative indices. The assessment of the prospects of open pit future development with the use of relative indices of surface mining efficiency can be based on the backward stepwise analysis. In this case, for every present plot of an investigated parameter a phased reduction of the open pit life cycle is made starting from its maximum boundary limit.

№6 (124) 2015

Key words: open pit envelope, present average discounted investment efficiency value, stepwise backward analysis, discounted value

Mining Industry Journal №6 (124) 2015, p.71