Mining and metal 2019

forum and exhibition
Russia, Novosibirsk
Теl.: +7 (495) 108-18-69
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“Mining and Metallurgy 2019” is a unique platform to connect extracting and cleaning enterprises, equipment makers, and finance and logistic companies.


  • Underground development
  • Extraction. Support setting
  • Haul, transport, and logistics (transport coordination)
  • Openworks
  • Storage
  • Cleaning units
  • Coking equipment
  • Coal-cleaning equipment
  • Electric units and equipment
  • Communication. Data handling and transmission.
  • Health and safety
  • Chemicals
  • Lining materials, bearings, lubricants, and other auxilliary items
  • Production controlling machinery and units
  • Process measuring equipment
  • Mining enterprises
  • Nonferrous metal and alloy casting
  • Casting equipment and technologies
  • Heat treatment equipment and technologies
  • Refractories and industrial ceramics
  • R&D, planning, service, consulting, and design
  • Industrial safety and ergonomics
  • Bonding, cutting, and fusion techniques
  • Personnel training and CPD
  • Ferrous metallurgy production and products (blanks, bar and flat stock, pipes, and hardware)
  • Nonferrous metallurgy production and products (semiproducts, stock, profiles, etc.)
  • Metallurgy and metal processing equipment and technologies
  • Materials for metallurgy