Non-Ferrous Metals and Minerals - 2019

XI International Congress and Exhibition
Krasnoyarsk, Russia
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 Exhibition “Non-Ferrous Metals and Minerals” is Your Opportunity:

• To demonstrate your developments and equipment
• To attract your potential clients
• To hold negotiations
• To participate in the round-table discussions
• To take part in seminars, conducted by the world leading experts
• To extend and strengthen the scientific, technical and industrial ties between the companies
• To keep familiar with the latest innovations and newest achievements of geology, mining, metallurgy and metals treatment
• To participate in workshops
• To study your competitors products and strategies
• To visit Krasnoyarsk metallurgical plants and scientific centers
• To enjoy Krasnoyarsk sights (“Siberian Switzerland”) and take part in “Russian extreme”
• To know Siberian history and development

Beneficial Geographical and Economic Location of Krasnoyarsk Region

• High level of industrial development
• Great potential of natural resources
• Huge metallurgical complex
• Active investigation and development of precious metals deposits
• Developed fuel-energy complex
• Industrial modernization
• High level of investment activity
• Diversified system of scientific and research institutes

Professional and Cultural Development

• Conferences: «Aluminium of Siberia» «Gold of Siberia» «Non-ferrous, rare and precious metals metallurgy»
• Workshops
• Plenary section
• Symposia
• Round-table discussions
• Seminars
• Excursions to the Krasnoyarsk krai metallurgical plants
• Sightseeing excursions