Dräger, the worldwide leader in safety technology, will take part in the 8th International Mine Rescue Conference IMRB 2017 as the General Sponsor. This important international event in the mining field, hosted and organized by EMERCOM of Russia and International Mine Rescue Body, will take place in Russia for the first time. Dräger experts from Germany and Canada will share their expertise in mine rescue technics with the mine rescue community. They will talk about special technology and innovation in this field, about equipment application in different types of mines, and provide a range of master classes showing the use of various mine rescue equipment.

Why mines rescuers are called Draegermen?

Dräger has been committed to miner's health and safety for more than 112 years now. In 1904, the first ever Closed Circuit Breathing Apparatus was introduced by Dräger. The appearence of this device significantly increased the efficiency of rescue in mines. As an example, 600 miners‘ lives were saved thanks to the use of breathing apparatus during Courriers disaster in 1906.

Later on, Dräger started supplying its equiment to the mining countries including the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union afterwards. The latest version of closed circuit breathing apparatus, Dräger PSS BG 4 Plus, is the one of the main elements of mine rescue in the majority of countries. Mine rescuers are usually called “Draegermen” in recognition of quality and reliability of Dräger equipment. Dräger is proud of making ist contribution to the development of mine rescue and emergency response.
Draeger complex solutions for mine rescue nowadays

Dräger keeps on continuous development of technology and products which can be combined and used as an integrated safety concept to improve mine and workplace safety. To stay abreast of the evolving requirements in today’s complex work environment, Dräger supplies a broad spectrum of safety equipment - from respiratory protection, gas detection, thermal imaging cameras, telemetry systems, to self-contained self rescuers and refugee shelters for emergency situations.

Dräger Experts at IMRB 2017

Invited by organizers, Dräger Experts to come to Russia for participation in the 8th International Mine Rescue Conference:
Kent Armstrong, recognized international expert in mine rescue, Global Business Development Manager Segment Mining;
Axel Bahr, mines rescue and breathing apparatus specialist, Marketing Manager Segment Mining ;
Wolfgang Huber, personal protective equipment and gas detection in mines and confined space specialist, Marketing Manager Mining.
Stefan Dräger, Chairman of the Executive Board will also come to Russia to greet the IMRB participants.
"Since the introduction of the first Dräger Closed Circuit Breathing Apparatus by my forefathers Heinrich and Bernhard Dräger in 1904, Dräger is proud to contribute to the development of mine rescue and emergency response. Thanks to the continued dialogues with mines rescue brigades and mining related regulatory institutions around the globe, we are able to develop innovative and reliable safety equipment, - said Mr. Stefan Dräger in his address to IMRB 2017 delegates. - We are pleased to be again a sponsor of this important event, particulary sharing our experience in mines rescue technology".

Find out more about Dräger participation in the 8th International Mine Rescue Conference IMRB 2017: www.draeger.com/imrb

About Dräger

Dräger is the worldwide leader in medical and safety equipment production. Mines rescue equipment takes a special place in Dräger portfolio. For generations, miners have relied on Dräger to provide quality products to protect their lives at the biggest mines worldwide. In North America and other countries, mine rescuers are traditionally called "Drägermen". At the moment, the company provides self-contained briefing apparatuses, masks, regeneration systems, portable gas detection instruments, thermal imaging cameras, telemetry systems and other mine rescue equipment. Since 1889, Dräger protects, supports and saves lives.