Koehler Lighting Products today introduced its new "WHEAT" Gen II cordless cap lamp. The Gen II, for second generation, lamp provides best-in-class sight performance by increasing miners' visual acuity. This sight enhancement improves safety with better object and hazard recognition, combined with reduced fatigue.

"The Koehler optical staff has created a cap lamp that sets a new standard for vision underground," said Mark Dirsa, president, Koehler – Bright Star, LLC. "Our goal is to enhance vision and keep your workers safe in low light conditions. Koehler's innovative lighting solutions are the best-in-class in sight and reliability and long product life cycles which are directly linked to safety and lowest cost of ownership."

Dirsa said the new Gen II cap lamp targets enhanced illumination of an entire work area. It provides miners maximum central and peripheral vision, to better recognize objects and hazards. This allows miners to make decisions that help keep them safe.

"All of our products are manufactured in the USA," he said. "Also, our Gen II cap lamp has all necessary global safety approvals, including MSHA, ATEX and IECex."

To learn more about the WHEAT Gen II cap lamp, visit www.koehlerlighting.com

About Koehler

Koehler – Bright Star LLC is a Marmon Group/Berkshire Hathaway Company headquartered in Hanover Township, Pennsylvania. The company's commitment to mine safety is as steadfast now as it was when Ernest Koehler founded the company in 1912. This continuing commitment is why Koehler has remained strong for 100 years, and why it remains the leader in underground lighting solutions. For more information, visit www.koehlerlighting.com