The new generation hydraulic cylinder HYVA ALPHA used in KH-KIPPER rear tippers ensures approximately 20% faster time of raising and lowering of the body. A lighter and, at the same time, more resistant hydraulic system increases the load capacity of the tipper.

In case there are numerous transport cycles, the new solution allows to use the saved time for even more cycles and thus, transport more material. According to the producer, for a body on 8x4 chassis and cylinder stroke 5 meters, the savings include 388 more unloadings yearly in a standard work in mine and 48 tons of material more in case of construction transport tipper. These are realistic profits for the customer.

Every detail of the new hydraulic system was redesigned and optimized. Decreasing the diameter of the cylinder equals less oil amount in the hydraulic system. The HT steering valve mounted on the cylinder is equipped with a safety valve which prevents the body against falling down in case the hydraulic wire breaks. The special construction of the valve secures the cylinder against pressure increase, for example, when the driver tries to shake the body or during work in an unstable terrain. An insert in the valve protects it against unauthorised persons who would try to change the parameters of the hydraulic pressure.

All the changes resulted in a complete hydraulic system which is lighter, faster, more reliable and safer than any other available on the market today.