LUKOIL TORNADO T turbine oil has received approval of Power Machines, the largest producer of turbines for hydroelectric power plants in Russia and CIS countries.

LUKOIL TORNADO is a family of high quality turbine oils based on synthetic technology base oils with very high-performance ashless additive package. In addition to the approval of Power Machines, LUKOIL TORNADO T 46 also received the approval of Siemens, MAN Turbo, ABB, Voith, Brush, Ural Turbine Works and Aviadvigatel.

LUKOIL TORNADO T 46 has passed a full range of laboratory bench and field tests from domestic and foreign manufacturers. The use of LUKOIL TORNADO T allows real cut in the operating costs for electricity production and increases equipment life.

"In Russia, there are more than 200 hydroelectric power plants of different capacities, the number of turbines operated at these hydroelectric power plants ranges from 1 to 20. On this promising growing market, significant share accounts for import oils. Today, electric generating companies in Russia are able to efficiently replace foreign lubricants with high-quality LUKOIL products. The oils we have developed meet the requirements of all global producers of turbine equipment. In the nearest future, LUKOIL TORNADO T 46 will have a portfolio of approvals of all major turbine manufacturers, which equipment is used in Russia", - said Andrey Sterkhov, R&D Director of LLK-International (LUKOIL Lubricants Company).