M.N. Overchenko, A.G. Lunkov, I.A. Veselov, S.P. Mozer, S.A. Kozyrev, A.S. Sakerin

The article presents characteristics of the main blast patterns providing less intensive peripheral rock fragmentation in excavation processes, and shows their advantages and shortcomings. It also contains basic approaches minimizing the extent of peripheral rock fragmentation with the use of emulsion explosives. Orica case study of pre-split emulsion explosive charge formation with the use of hose retractor is discussed. The results of pilot trials of the hose retractor at Kirovsk Mine of Apatite AO are presented. The authors provide their conclusions on the advantages of emulsion explosives application in excavation processes.

№5 (129) 2016

Key words: blasting processes, excavations, pre split hole charge, emulsion explosives, rock fragmentation.

Mining Industry Journal №5 (129) 2016, p.56

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