O.P. Chernikova, A.I. Nifontov, Yu.V. Luneva

The main objective of planning of the reproduction of underground coal mine reserves readily available for mining is the development of spatial layout concepts providing the enhancement of mineral output at minimized costs. The growth of access and development workings drivage length accompanied by the increase of their cross section results in the decline of development rates, “discontinuity of the extraction front”, and as a consequence, in losses and damages. In this case, the modern system of planning at operating coal mines takes into account neither volumetric data of mining development for more accurate estimation of mineral reserves readily available for mining, nor the respective economic factors. And all this occurs in the competitive environment of the coal sector and decline of coal demand. In that context the criteria of mine access and development subsystems efficiency proposed by the authors and their methodology of planning of the reproduction of coal mine reserves readily available for mining taking into account the optimization of access and development workings costs and coal market situation, deserve due attention. Practical application of the authors’ findings and developments may enhance the feasibility of technological and spatial layout concepts of production management and improve the finance and economics of coal mine operation.

№3 (133) 2017

Key words: underground coal mine, loss-free operation, coal reserves, access and development planning, optimization of costs, underground workings drivagep

Mining Industry Journal №3 (133) 2017, p.88

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