The article presents rolling cutter bits manufactured by VBM-Group (Russia) incorporating four largest roller cutter bit manufacturers, namely, OAO Volgaburmash, OAO Uralburmash, OAO Drogobychsky Dolotny Zavod, OAO Sarapulsky Mashzavod. It is noted that over more than 60 years of operation the engineers and designers of VBM-Group have provided for the commercial-scale production of more than 300 types and sizes of roller cutter bits in a 75 – 397.7 mm
diameter range. The results are described of new product tests carried out by the OAO Sangalyksky Dioritovyi Karier (diorite quarry), Mezhdurechensky coal surface mine of OAO Mezhdurechye coal company, surface coal mines of OAO UK Kuzbassrazrezugol coal company, OAO Kachkanbarsky GOK Vanadiy, etc.

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