V. A. Chanturia, A. P. Kozlov, I. V. Shadrunova, E. G.Ozhogina

The authors present grounds for the near term (2014–2020) top-priority areas of pilot studies and applied research into commercial-scale utilization of mineral mining and processing wastes, namely, research into feasibility and development of new processes of valuable component recovery from mineral mining and processing wastes; combination of physical and chemical methods of mineral processing (flotation, electrochemical methods, etc.) with chemical and metallurgical methods (pyro- and hydrometallurgy, autoclave leaching, biological oxidation); research into feasibility and development of processes for the recovery of additional end products from non-metallic wastes; elaboration of the strategy of motivated utilization of mining industry wastes.

Key words: pilot studies, wastes, natural resources management and conservation, applied research, separation processes, intergranular decomposition, selective recovery, utilization, decontamination

Mining Industry Journal №1 2014, p.54

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