D. Kolesnichenko, R. Korchagin, D. Sobol

Today, minerals are mined with the use of large and sophisticated mechanisms. Some of them are actually giants. Mining equipment manufacturers are not standing still but are constantly improving their machines, enhancing their reliability, performance, efficiency and environmental friendliness. TOTAL keeps pace with the times, developing the products of tomorrow in its design and research centers. Today, the company provides its clients with lubricants that meet the most stringent requirements of equipment manufacturers, ensuring the reliable protection of machine components and assemblies and contributing to the achievement of high economic performance of an enterprise.

№5 (117) 2014

Key words: TOTAL, lubricants, motor oil, reliable performance, quality of lubricants, mining industry,, multi/grade oil, engines, hydraulic systems, fuel consumption

Mining Industry Journal №5 (117) 2014, p.72

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