Magna Tyres Group and Reifen Kiefer are very proud to announce the formation of their strategic partnership from the 16th of February 2017. This agreement is an important step for the further introduction and the expansion of "Magna" as a well-known OTR tyre brand in Germany.

With Reifen Kiefer, Magna Tyres has found the ideal partner for the expansion of its OTR tyre activities in Germany. Both companies bring valuable and long-term experience in sales and marketing of tyres into their collaboration.

Part of the agreement is also the new OTR tyre brand "MTP". MTP is the new product line of Magna Tyres Group and comprises different tyre profiles for the construction and mining usage. MTP distinguishes itself by fast delivery and favourable prices. Magna Tyres is pleased that Reifen Kiefer also wants to contribute to the further level of awareness and the sale of MTP tyres in Central Germany.

“By including Reifen Kiefer in the network of the Magna dealers, Magna Tyres takes an important step closer toward the goal of creating a nationwide service network for the sale and marketing of Magna and MTP OTR tyres”, says Arno van der Linden, Sales Manager of Magna Tyres Group.