Dear IMRB 2017 participants,

We would like to welcome you on three specialized Dräger master-classes, which we prepared for you during 8th International mine rescue body conference in Novokuznetsk. All 3 master-classes will be held by our leading specialists and will be devoted to actual questions and technologies of mine rescue and mining industry in general.

Our master-classes will take place on the 6th of September 2017 on the 7th fl oor of the National mine rescue center
in Novokuznetsk from 13-30 to 17-30

We are looking forward to see you!


Mr. Armstrong has been responsible for Dräger Mining Safety Products in the mining market for 23 years, specializing in mine rescue and mine emergency applications. Previous to that he worked 12 years in the Canadian Mining Market for MSA Canada. Kent also spent time as an underground miner with Falconbridge Nickel Mines Sudbury Operations. Presently he sits on the Canadian Standards Association Technical committees CSA Z94.4 Use, Care and Maintenance  Respiratory Protection Standard and CSA Z180.1 Compressed Breathing Air Standard. During his tenure with Dräger Kent has had the opportunity to work and visit many mining countries including: Australia, Mexico, Bolivia, Peru, Venezuela, South Africa, Czech Republic, UK, China, Turkey, Chile and Russia.

Master-class start: 13-30

«International approaches to escape scenarios and rescue equipment in diff erent types of mines»


  • Draeger History
  • Historical Emergencies
  • SCSR – Self Contained Self Rescuer
  • ChargeAir System
  • First Response: Underground Firefi ghting Teams
  • New Trends
  • Challenges
  • Conclusion
  • Hands on and Q&A session

Duration: 1 hour

Axel Bahr has been with Dräger since 1990 and has more than 27 years of experience in the area of Business Engineering, which he studied in Hamburg and Wilhelmshaven. He held diff erent positions within Dräger and has been dealing closely with Mines Rescue as global product manager for closed circuit breathing apparatus since 2005. His main focus as Marketing Manager Mining now is to understand and support mines rescue with suitable solutions.

Master-class start: 14-40

«Modern CCBA set: general principles, construction, mask types, testing, usage»


  • General introduction
  • Application / Customer
  • Technical overview
  • Accessories / Components
  • FAQ
  • Disassembly and assembly
  • Testing
  • Hands on and Q&A session

Duration: 2 hour

Mr. Huber has more than 20 years of experience in the area of General and Electomechanical Engineering, which he studied in the University of Bavaria. He held diff erent positions in Dräger and has been closely dealing with Mining Industry in South America and Europe for over 20 years. His background is with Focus on Personal Protection Equipment and Gas Detection in Mines and Confi ned Spaces.

Master-class start: 16-40

«Gas Alarm! – Portable Gas Detection in Mining»


  • Monitoring Hazardous Substances - Introduction
  • Potential Threats
  • Sensor Technology (Catalytic, Electrochemical & IR)
  • Application Categories & Challenges in Mines Rescue
  • Fleet Management
  • Hands-On & Q&A sessions

Duration: 1 hour

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