• Added value for enterprises in the construction sector
  • To be presented: 2-axle tipper trailer, universal and building material semi-trailer, flat-bed semi-trailer

At this year's Baumaschinen-Messe (Switzerland's leading construction industry machinery trade fair) in Berne, Kögel will be presenting its range of products for the Swiss construction industry for the first time. To exhibit its wares, Kögel will be sharing Stand F9 047, covering almost 500 square metres of outdoor space, with its sister company Humbaur. On Kögel's side of the stand, visitors will have the chance to get up close and personal with the extensive range of construction products made by the Bavarian trailer manufacturer from the 18th to the 23th of March. The trailers to be exhibited are perfectly tailored to the requirements of the construction sector and provide lasting added value in a variety of aspects.Koegel Messe Bern

Kögel highlights at the Baumaschinen-Messe 2014 in Berne

The Kögel 2-axle tipper trailer

The outdoor stand will accommodate the 24m³ cargo volume of our 2-axle tipper trailer. This exhibit will show off Kögel's clever technique, combining a 5 mm thick Hardox-450 floor trough with side walls made from 4 mm thick S700 steel plating. Of course, the 2-axle tipper trailer is also available with various different tipper body and side-wall thickness combinations. It is particularly suited to the most demanding applications on building sites and in gravel pits for 2-axle and 3-axle tractor units. The Kögel tipper trailer is also available in a 3-axle version.

The Kögel Multi

Visitors will also get a chance to marvel at the Kögel Multi in the outdoor area at the fair. This extremely flexible trailer is particularly suitable for the building material transport business and for weather-resistant freight applications. The platform semi-trailer has a reinforced chassis and a semi-trailer load of 15 tons in order to meet the especially heavy-duty requirements in the construction industry. Depending on the application, the trailer's aluminium drop sides can simply be removed. This makes the Multi ideal for transporting such various different building materials such as steel mesh grating, palletted goods, and concrete components.

The Kögel flat-bed semi-trailer

Kögel's third exhibit in the outdoor area will be the 3-axle flat-bed semi-trailer. The welded flat-bed semi-trailer's flatbed, stepped plateau, top platform with inclined drive-up, and low tare weight will all impress the visitors. Its unique characteristics make it perfectly adapted to transporting diggers, wheeled loaders, construction machines and heavy working equipment. The flat-bed trailer is fitted with optional wheel recesses at front and rear, as well as a digger arm rack. The exhibited model shows off the trailer's standard corrosion protection feature: The frame of the 3-axle flat-bed semi-trailer is hot-dip galvanised, while all its exterior frame is painted. The single-piece hot-dip galvanised drive-up ramps can be adjusted laterally. The surface is protected by spruce-wood planking.