Opportunities and prospects of the Yakutian diamond deposit overburden rock utilization for the development of a complex road network

P. I. Tarasov, E. V. Fefelov, S. P. Tarasov, I.V. Zyryanov

With the man-induced alteration of the relief resulting from surface mining operations the structure of soil is damaged, adjacent territories are waterlogged. Besides, for road construction in the northern territories of the Russian Federation due account must be given to the fact that the required material has to be taken from the layers buried under permafrost formations, i.e., at a 30 to 70 m depth. Application of ancillary materials mined in the process of diamond deposit development would cut both labor, financial cost and save time, as well as improve the environmental situation in the region.

№1 (125) 2016

Key words: Western Yakutia, road construction, permafrost formations, kimberlite deposits, waste dump sorting

Mining Industry Journal №1 (125) 2016, p.50