bauma CTT RUSSIA 2020: Новые даты: 8-11 сентября 2020

Организаторы международной выставки строительной техники и технологий bauma CTT RUSSIA приняли решение о переносе сроков проведения мероприятия на 8-11 сентября 2020 года.

Why 3D Parametric Architecture and 3D Printing Is About to Boom

“Big box store.” It’s a pejorative term for a place where you shop for everyday items. You don’t go to the big-box store to find distinctive, quality products. A big-box purchase fills a need but isn’t likely to be the kind of thing you boast about to your friends. A big-box purchase is dull.

How to Get Around CONEXPO-CON/AGG

You land in Vegas ready to conquer CONEXPO-CON/AGG and realize you forgot to plan your way to and around the show.

Don’t worry, we’ve put together these transportation tips so you can spend your time checking out all the latest equipment and technology instead of wondering how to get around.

Top 3 Tips for Assessing Construction Technology

Most of us can look at an undercarriage and know if the pins and bushings have been turned or will soon need to be. We can determine the remaining hours before a rebuild will be necessary and quickly estimate how much that rebuild will cost.

How to Address Opioids in the Workplace

Combatting the opioid epidemic has become an issue of national importance. Opioid use is not only affecting families and communities, but also companies — particularly those in the construction industry.