Managing Risk and Relationships: 5 Keys for Subcontractors

General contractors (GCs) are increasingly pushing risk onto subcontractors, performing only construction management or design/build services, rather than the historical model of providing materials, equipment and labor. As a result, subcontractors today need to be diligent to ensure their business is protected from unknown contract requirements, design changes and adjustments to the construction schedule.

Impressive results from our 26.5R25 Magna M-Terrain tyres in a liming company in Germany

We went to Germany for a technical site visit and to check the 26.5R25 Magna M-Terrain tyres this customer is using. Together with the customer we did the technical check of the tyres to search for performance improvement. The customer greatly appreciates this collaboration and this is one of the many reasons why he has chosen for Magna Tyres Group. The tyres have run for more than 2000 hours and with 42 cm tread depth which is impressive.

Ep. 111: Creating a Turnkey Experience with Chris Lane of Ronald Lane Inc.

While Chris Lane’s company employs more than 430 West Virginians and Pennsylvanians, he says their goal isn’t to be the biggest, just the most complete pipeline contractor in the region. The 27-year-old of vice president, Ronald Lane Inc. say creating a turnkey experience for clients has been the secret to their success.

A 9 Step Approach to Investing in Cost-Reducing Technologies

Finding ways to lower costs remains a constant struggle within the construction industry. An effective way to accomplish this is through the application of new technologies, says Guido Perez Manfredini, Regional Manager, USA & LATAM, MICROMINE, a leading provider of innovative mining software solutions.

The Global Mining Community Heads to MINExpo International® 2020

In the world of mining, it’s never been more important to stay competitive. As digital capabilities open doors to new possibilities, companies are embracing advanced technologies to reduce downtime, increase efficiency and improve safety. Now is the time to discover new solutions to current operational issues, invest in innovation and embrace new technology—and there’s no better place to do that than MINExpo INTERNATIONAL®.