On scientific and practical workshop of Ural blasting specialists

DOI: https://doi.org/10.30686/1609-9192-2022-4-64-67

The article presents information on the outcomes of the scientific and practical workshop on drilling and blasting operations in surface and underground mines and special blasting operations, which was organized by the Blasting Specialists of the Urals Association and held on May 26, 2022, at the Museum Complex of the Urals Mining and Metallurgical Company in the City of Verkhnyaya Pyshma with participation of the Institute of Mining of the Urals Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Urals Department of the Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision (Rostekhnadzor). The workshop included presentations on the following topics: dedicated blasting operations in explosion bonding of metals and demolition of buildings; experience in working with non-explosive mixtures and devices, including ‒ pulse gas generators in restrained urban conditions; results of development and testing of a method to study the rock mass strength properties during roller-bit drilling of blast holes in open-pits; forthcoming innovations in Federal Law No.116 "On industrial safety of hazardous facilities"; relevance, specific features and conditions of blasting operations below the safety covers; mining and technical conditions of underground operations in the Donskoy GOK mine in Kazakhstan. A tour of the four exhibition centres of the Museum Complex, i.e. those of the military and automobile equipment, the "Wings of Victory" aviation exhibition, the "Ceremonial Regiment" exhibition centre, and the open exhibition site with railway and artillery equipment, was held upon completion of the theoretical part of the event.

Personnel motivation as the social basis for sustainable development of a mining company

The paper considers a mining company as a social production system intended to meet the interests of its stakeholders. Execution of the production process of a mining company is collective effort and it requires a sufficiently well-coordinated interaction of the personnel. The consistency of this interaction is conditioned by the interrelation of the tasks, qualifications and motivation of the employees. Interrelation of tasks is based on structuring the objective and assigning tasks to employees in accordance with their qualifications and motivation. The basis of the employee's motivation to complete the task is their understanding of the possibilities and ways to satisfy their needs in doing so. An efficient method to build employee's motivation is to make the proposed task relevant to the employee.

Reliable accident prevention as the basis for sustainable development of a mining company

Sustainability is one of the main operational and viability characteristics of a mining company. Sustainable development of a mining operation requires, first and foremost, proper organization of safe working conditions for the personnel, which is closely related to production efficiency, being its basis. A practical implementation of this relationship requires a change in the quality assessment system for executives and specialists.

Regarding the factors of improving industrial safety in a coal mine

The task of developing a multifunctional safety system in coal mines (MFSS) as a means of improving industrial and mine safety has been addressed by developers, operators and supervisory authorities alike. One of the directions in solving this task is to improve the normative base, among which the "Safety Rules in Coal Mines" Code of Federal Regulations (FNiP) takes its special place. A significant part of the MFSS is the systems that provide communication, warning and positioning of people in mines. The design and development of these systems are consistent with the level of requirements contained in the "Safety Rules in Coal Mines". This paper presents a compliance assessment of different system designs, i.e. continuous positioning systems within the whole extent of mine workings and the zone-based systems with accuracy within a part of mine workings. The paper argues that it is advisable to introduce a requirement regarding the accuracy of people positioning in order to increase the reliability of data obtained in both types of systems that are best suited to ensure the rescue for people caught in an accident. The research also shows that in order to develop a technology to monitor the composition of the mine air, it may be useful to introduce requirements for equal use of gas analyzers built into the head lamp with the conventional portable gas analyzers, which would allow for a successful implementation of scanning gas control.

Quality assessment of blasting caps with pyrotechnic delay in non-electric blasting systems in terms of their firing time

DOI: https://doi.org/10.30686/1609-9192-2022-1-36-38

Blasting operations in surface and underground mining are characterized by the need to protect the environment from harmful effects of the detonation products of explosives, the fly rock zone, the seismic manifestations of the blast, as well as airborne shock waves. Non-electric blasting systems by various manufacturers are used in Russia, but all of them have certain advantages and disadvantages. It can be stated that the blasting caps of the applied blasting system do not always correctly execute the firing times specified by their manufacturer. Mismatches of the actual firing times from the rated ones might be so great that the applied blasting systems sometimes produce disturbances in the order of charge firing, which, in turn, may cause detonation failure in the boreholes. Studies have shown that in order to reduce the risk of detonation failures, regardless of their causes, it is recommended to initiate the borehole at two points with placing the second primer in the upper part of the borehole, or using extended priming charges.

Specific features in operation of road construction equipment in the Far North

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.30686/1609-9192-2021-6-30-32

The development of the Far North goes hand in hand with the use of road construction equipment. The article addresses the main factors that affect the operation of this equipment in extremely cold climates. The effect of low temperatures on the operation of machines and individual units is examined. In particular, information is provided on the effect of low temperatures on operation of the hydraulic drive, power plants, and metal structures. The influence of the requirement to observe the methodological recommendations regarding the ergonomics and physiology of workers on increasing the cost of works with the use of road construction machinery has been noted.

Effect of ore dressing on flotation of copper and arsenic minerals in sulphide ore processing

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.30686/1609-9192-2021-6-48-50

Monomineral flotation results showed that the use of a new reagent S-cyanoethyl N, N-diethyldithiocarbamate enhances the flotation activity of chalcopyrite, in contrast to flotation with butyl xanthate, and reduced the flotation ability of arsenopyrite, which makes this reagent promising for its use in the selective flotation of complex sulfide ores.

About scientific and practical conference explosives of the Urals

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.30686/1609-9192-2021-6-58-60

The article reviews the results of the VIII Scientific and Practical Conference with international participation "Technology and Safety of Drilling and Blasting Operations in Surface and Underground Mines of the Urals" which was held at the Ekaterinburg-EXPO Exhibition Center and the Uralasbest Industrial Complex as part of the IX Urals Mining Industry Forum and the URAL MINING' 21 Exhibition dedicated to the Year of Science and Technology in the Russian Federation and the 30th Anniversary of the Urals Mining and Industrial Association. The article also informs about the winners of the Ural Mining Award 2021 and about the research and engineering reports and presentations made during the conference and dedicated to blasting operations. Results are summarized of the visiting seminar at the Uralasbest Industrial Complex, where the Chief Engineer of Promtekhvzvzryv Company N.A. Chistyakov and General Director of the Urals Explosives Association G.P. Bersenev conducted tours to the open-pit mine, the 'Poremit' Plant - the first emulsion explosives production facility in the Urals, a bulk explosives storage, the museum and training center of the Urals Asbestos Mining and Processing Complex.

Digitalization and Advanced Technologies at Raspadskaya Coal Company

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.30686/1609-9192-2021-4-13-15

Начиная с 2020 г. во всем мире началась очередная технологическая революция. Распадская угольная компания также идет в ногу со времени и реализует цифровые решения, которые приносят не только экономический эффект, но и позволяют сделать труд работников безопаснее. Для реализации технологической революции требуется внедрение так называемой программы «Индустрия 4.0» (Industry 4.0), которая охватывает всю промышленность, включая угольную.

Base Metals: 2021 Perspectives

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.30686/1609-9192-2021-1-14-22

Metal experts have seen a big swing in prices and expectations in last nine months .More than 90% of the incremental demand of metals in 2020 came from a single country i.e. China. On the one hand, China stepped up local consumption of metals into infrastructure spending. However, it is highly likely that Chinese intensity of demand for commodities will face a slump. Further, Chinese export growth could cool in 2021 as manufacturers in developed markets recover post vaccination. Can the demand of metals from the rest of the world offset slow Key words: ing Chinese intensity in 2021?