Study of technological characteristics of a pipe curtain element and self-drilling anchors from poly-dimension composite materials


Читать на русскоя языкеMikhail Yurievich Bamborin
National Operator for Radioactive Waste management FSUE
Russian Mining Industry №1 / 2024 стр. 29-32

Abstract: The use of high-tech polymer composite materials in construction makes it possible to carry out work under the constraints of transport infrastructure, limited space at a construction site, or in difficult operating conditions. The paper presents the results of studies of the technological characteristics of a pipe-and-pile curtain element made of carbon fiber and fiberglass, a self-drilling anchor made of fiberglass and steel used in modern construction.

Keywords: pipe pile, anchor, carbon fiber reinforced plastic, fiberglass, winding thickness, pipe pile strength, anchor strength, wall rigidity, pipe deflection, GFRP