The results of the XXIII international conference on explosives held by ANO "NOIV" to solve the problems of mining and explosives


Читать на русскоя языкеN.L. Vyatkin, Yu.N. Bolotova
Russian Mining Industry №6 / 2023 р. 28-32

Abstract: On the eve of the established annual holiday of explosive specialists – the DAY of the BOMBER from September 18 to 22, 2023, the XXIII International conference on mining and explosives was held. It was held in the nearest Moscow region on the basis of the chain hotel Amaks "Krasnaya Pakhra". A distinctive feature of this conference was the discussion of topical issues related to the production and supply of initiation means, ammonium nitrate and explosives to mining enterprises and objects of geophysical work, as well as the problems of the development of mining technologies under the conditions of sanctions and terrorist threat to dangerous production facilities, as well as one of the main problems under consideration, the problems related to development of the northern territories of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation and construction of facilities in the development of the Northern Sea Route.

Keywords: conference, explosives, blasting, speaker, object