Substantiation of the energy indicator of explosion hazard of coal seams and explosive concentrations of coal dust in underground mine workings

I.E. Kolesnichenko, V.B. Artemiev, E.A. Kolesnichenko, V.G. Cherechukin, E.I. Lyubomishchenko

The article deals with the problems concerning the scientific grounding of coal seam explosion hazards, as well as combustion and explosion of coal dust in the mine air. It contains the results of analysis of underground mine air dust content in the current conditions. It is stated that the criterion for coal seam characterization as dangerous in terms of coal dust explosibility needs to be scientifically grounded. The authors propose to take into account the macromolecular structure of a combustible agent, which main components are carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Methods and procedures of theoretical evaluation of endogenous chemical processes in coal particles are offered. Formulas for the calculation of the total energy for a certain mass of coal dust are provided. An algorithm is given of explosion flame propagation in the dust medium. The authors also suggest a hypothesis of combustion of coal dust particles of different size.

№2 (126) 2016

Key words: scientific grounding, coal seam explosion hazard, coal dust, volatile matter, combustion, particle size, elemental composition, energy liberation, propagation velocity.

Mining Industry Journal №2 (126) 2016, p.32