Methods of open&hole sidetracking from artificial bottom& holes

S.I. Vasiliev, E.E. Miloserdov, M.A. Tryapichkin

The article discusses modern technologies of sidetracking in open-hole intervals with a purpose of failure elimination, pilot hole drilling, reconstruction of wells by sidetracking method (STM). The principle of hole shoulder formation, main force factors influencing the process of sidetracking are discussed. The authors propose novel process concepts for the enhancement of the quality of sidetracking. Elimination of failures and problems occurring in the process of well drilling often involves drilling-out. This task is one of particularly complicated in drilling of exploration boreholes, as well as multilateral (MLW) and multi-branch (MBW) wells.

Key words: drilling, drilling.out, side track, failure, drill through tool

Mining Industry Journal №4 (128) 2016, p.73