Analysis and prospects of coal production development in Chukotka Autonomous Okrug in the period up to 2035

L.S. Plakitkina

The article contains data on the coal output in Chukotka AO in the period of 2000 through 2015 and coal supply from Chukotka to the national market and exports in 2014 and 2015. The author lists the promising deposits of the Bering Coal Basin, which would be developed in the Chukotka AO in the nearest coming years, among which are Amaamskaya and Verkhne-Alkatvaamskaya fields. It is stated that the territory of the Bering Basin contains great reserves of methane and presumably oil reserves. The development of deposits in the Bering Basin is implemented within the framework of the Beringovskiy priority development territory (PDT) established in the Chukotka AO. The first registered resident in the Beringovskiy PDT in the Chukotka AO is planning the implementation of a wind power plant modernization and operation project. Tigers Realm Coal (Australia) is the principal investor in the Bering Coal Basin development project being the owner of two blocks – Amaam and Amaam Severny.

№5 (129) 2016

The Far East Development Corporation has signed an agreement on the Bering Basin development with Port Ugolnyi OOO and Beringpromugol OOO. The article discusses the stages of the Amaamskoe deposit development. It is noted that the major portion of the Bering coking coal output will be exported to the countries of Asia-Pacific Region. It is proved also that Bering coal can be processed by advanced conversion technologies. Application of UCG technology and eventual coal conversion into liquid fuels will help minimize energy dependence of the Chukotka AO. The article also contains the estimates of the coal production development at coalfields of the Chukotka AO in the period up to 2035.

Key words: coal production in the Chukotka AO in 2000 through 2015, Chukotka coal supply in 2014 and 2015, Baimskaya ore zone, deposits of the Bering Coal Basin, long range program of the Chukotka AO energy de velopment, hydro nuclear scenario of the Chukotka AO energy development, Beringovskiy priority development territory (PDT), Tigers Realm Coal (Australia), wind power plant modernization and operation project in the Chukotka AO, construction of an all year round navigable sea port in the Chukotka AO, Bering coking coal exports, Bering coal conversion, applica tion of UCG technology with eventual conversion into liquid fuels, Chukotka coal production potential for the period up to 2035.

Mining Industry Journal №5 (129) 2016, p.27