Geomechanical model of heterogeneous cutoff areas of structurally complex mineral deposits

K.K. Abdyldaev, K.Ch.Kozhogulov, uulu T. Kurmanbek

Formation of a geological simulation model is of great importance in modeling of geomechanical processes of structurally complex deposit development. Depending on geological conditions of structurally complex deposit development a geomechanical model is selected, and following the detailed mining-geometry analysis a design pattern is identified, which serves for the calculation of the parameters of an ultimate slope or the one with the specified stability margin factor.

№6 (130) 2016

Key words: structurally complex deposits, modeling, geomechanics, geomechanical model, cutoff area and rock mass, deforming.

Mining Industry Journal №6 (130) 2016, p.86