Dependence of the coal industry on imports and prospects of mining equipment import substitution

A.A. Rozhkov, S.M. Karpenko, A.B. Sukachev

The authors analyze the state-of-the art of the mining machinery fleet of operating coal mines in Russia, present the results of the regression analysis of the correlation between the imported equipment operated by coal mines in 2014 and 2015, and their coal output. The relation is shown between the domestically manufactured and imported mining machinery and equipment (MME) in main production processes. The article also contains the forecast of the levels of the Russian coal industry dependence on imports of mining equipment and localization of mining machinery manufacture and development of mining technologies. Measures are proposed on the proactive promotion of import substitution and national manufacture of MME accompanied by the minimization of the Russian coal industry dependence on imports.

№2 (132) 2017

Key words: import substitution, dependence on imports, mining machinery and equipment (MME), localization of manufacture, machinery and equipment, regression analysis, coefficient of elasticity, imports trends, underground mines, opencast mines, investment projects.

Mining Industry Journal №2 (132) 2017, p.25