Innovations for industrial safety: Case study of the application of Reutech advanced radar system for pit wall stability monitoring at mines of the Russian Federation

M.A. Makeev

The objective of spoil bank wall and slope planning has always been one of the most important issues for a mine. Therefore, mining regulations prescribe continuous geomechanical monitoring, however, as it is proved by the practice, the failure and falling of pit walls and slopes are often result in fatalities and equipment damage, while traditional methods of pit-wall condition monitoring are not always helpful for timely provision of the information on rock fall risk. The longstanding partnership of VIST Group with a leading radar system manufacturer Reutech Radar Systems, due to the case studies of the Russian mines operating in the most unfavorable natural conditions and climate, has proved the fact that advanced technologies together with the support of experienced Russian engineers propel geomechanical monitoring to new heights.

№2 (132) 2017

Key words: radar systems, pit wall stability monitoring, geomechanics, safety, digital mine, Reutech, MSR300, 3D radar

Mining Industry Journal №2 (132) 2017, p.48