Safety regulations for underground coal mines development of multifunctional safety systems

V.S. Vaganov

The article describes the areas of development of multifunctional safety systems for underground coal mines (MFSS). It is noted that according to amendments and addenda to Coal Mine Safety Regulations, MFSS must be in compliance with the national standard establishing general specification requirements to such systems. The analysis is presented of the systems providing communication, warning and positioning of the personnel in mine workings offered by the markets. Some significant shortcomings of the systems of foreign origin are noted. The advantages of the systems with wireless communication are grounded. The author also provides recommendations on their application.

№2 (132) 2017

Key words: multifunctional safety systems, underground coal mines, data transfer systems, personnel and equipment positioning, underground wireless communication, air and gas monitoring

Mining Industry Journal №2 (132) 2017, p.77