JSC «Yuzhuralzoloto Group of Companies» –20 years: Progress of technologies of development of fields of gold-bearing ores on mines

Provides information about the achievements in the field of progress of technologies for development of vein deposits of gold-bearing ores of one of the largest gold mining companies of Russia – JSC «Yuzhuralzoloto Group of Companies». It is shown that the modernization of mining production and technical re-equipment in order to increase the efficiency of subsoil use in the developed and prospective deposits, minimize losses of metals in the course of mining and processing of ores at a constant increase in production rates and volumes, ensure environmentally balanced development of mineral resources and industrial safety of mining operations is one Of the most important priorities of the long-term strategy of the Company’s sustainable technological development.

№3 (133) 2017

Keywords: JSC «Yuzhuralzoloto Group of Companies», vein gold deposits, the final stage of development of deposits, mining operations, technology development, strategy for sustainable technological development, environmentally balanced development of mineral resources, geotechnology.

Mining Industry Journal №3 (133) 2017, p.12